Designated Safeguarding Lead

This course is specifically aimed at Designated safeguarding Lead Officers who have a day to day responsibility to manage and initially investigated child protection concerns. It also enables delegates to manage disclosures, complete referrals and manage and support staff in relation to safeguarding.



To develop the knowledge and understanding of designated lead officers enabling them to correctly manage child protection concerns raised within their organisation.


Describe the role and responsibilities of the designated safeguarding lead officers within organisations.

  • List the key legislation and guidance that determines your organisation’s policy in relation to safeguarding and child protection.

  • Discuss and understand your own values regarding child abuse and the impact these can have on professional practice.

  • Identify and discuss the barriers that may prevent children from disclosing and reporting abuse.

  • Describe how to positively respond to a child who discloses abuse and other forms of abusive behaviour.

  • Outline the barriers that may prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them.

  • Increase awareness of the emotional impact of safeguarding children and identify ways in which a safeguarding lead can guide and support staff

  • List and discuss the correct decisions and protocol that must be followed when concerns about a child have been identified.

  • Explore what processes and procedures your organisation needs to follow when looking after the safety and welfare of the children and young people it comes into contact with.

  • Describe what is likely to happen following a referral to children’s services and what role the organisation (school, college, home etc) has in the multi-agency child protection process, including case conferences and professional meetings.

  • Explore the concerns and issues connected to recording and sharing information, including confidentiality.

  • Discuss your organisation’s policy and procedures in relation to safeguarding and child protection.




Designated safeguarding lead for schools, colleges and organisations working with children and who have an overarching responsibility for managing safeguarding concerns. Including:

  • Designated safeguarding lead officers

  • Vice principals

  • Deputy heads

  • Governors

  • Supervisors

  • Managers